Houston Quilt Event.!!!

Houston International Quilt Festival, and I'm not there for the first time in years…. it's my compulsory year off and tonight I feel like I should say tears instead of years…. I miss the ambiance, my friends and the excitement, the quilts, the softest beds at the Hilton Hotel, my groupies who turn up each year and oooh… just about everything really.

Oh, well the schedule next year will make up for it…!!

Carol Bryer Fallet won Best of Show.  How wonderful.

4 Australians won awards  I only know Ruth Bloomfield, Queensland…. it's a fabulous quilt honey.

But Vicki Jenkin of Victoria, Linda Steele Victoria, Joceleyn Leath WA. fabulous, thanks for flying the flag.

Many of my teaching peers won awards… Hollis Chatelain, Inge Mardal, Steen Hougs, Judy Matheson, Philippa Naylor, Melinda Bula, Robbi Joy Ecklow. Well done.

Oh, well, I'll just keep on working on my 80 metres of pattern and imagine, I'm right there in the thick of things…!!!!

In changing the subject…

There are 100's of hands on the images in the Bayeux…they are so expressive and for the most part they are larger than reality. It's critical that I get them absolutely correct. Today I have had a "hands" day using this assistant.

Sometimes when I get a bit crabby

Download 07 The Pickin' Shed

… the fingers are put in a different position.!!


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  1. I kept thinking…where are you? I was at Market with my boss and her 11 self-created quilt patterns for the first time. It was so exciting. And then on to our triple booth for festival — it was such a delight but something was missing….you! I look forward to seeing you next year! Pamie G.
    PS: My studio in the hill country will be finished in about three weeks. I hope you will have time to visit after festival next year. The door is open for a couple of days of peace and tranquility!

  2. Pam says:

    Hi Pamela, yes, it’s my year off. I’ve had such a busy year, I opted to spend the time in the studio…
    I missed being there so much…. and it would be lovely to come meet you and your quilting buddies…

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