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  1. Teri says:

    I found this, maybe it could be mailed to a friend in the US

  2. julie w says:

    there is a volume on ebay up in 6 days for .99pounds plus 1.99pounds shipping with no bids, if no one has a copy this may be an option

  3. Naomi Weidner says:

    I just purchased ALL National Geographic mags on disk. I don’t know what copyright issues might be involved, but I might be able to send it to you. I haven’t had time to open the box yet, but I will and investigate the possibility. — Naomi Weidner, Howl at the Moon Creations

  4. Naomi Weidner says:

    I’ve loaded the software the Nat. Geo. on dvd. I can print articles, but I cannot save an electronic version. The pages are identical to the original magazine, except for a copyright at the bottom of each page. I can print and snail-mail it to you, if you wish. — Naomi

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