A Hmmmm day.

So there you go…. this time yesterday the sun was blazing, today it's a good soaking rain and everything is green, green, green.


I spent a day working on a huge project and I can see the end in sight… suddenly your feet are lighter, the spirits lift and the sense of accomplishment washes over you like a shower of rain.

The quilt is quilted every 1/8th – 1/16th inch…. and it's large… There have been so many challenges in making this quilt and it has really tested my ability. Each stage had a hurdle to jump over.

You're going to love it… it's soooo different..

I change colors in the bobbin for every change on the top of the quilt. 100's of changes… 100's of bobbins of thread…. and it's all done with Superior Masterpiece.

BUT we did have a few dramas yesterday. First the windstorm destroyed our big umbrella….it just lifted it and took it flying, despite it being well anchored.

THEN Mr Foxtel, decided to not come and install some new products after we had purchased a new TV, shifted another and I kindly prepared it all for him by pulling out all the plugs and cords.

"Sorry, we can't come now until the 27th Dec…."

The reality set in…..OOOh, no Satellite TV for 10 days….

OK, so I did the whole thing myself… installed foxtel, set up the other things, installed the new TV and everything hanging off of it…. and it works a treat…. who needs technicians.!!!!

The push is on…. I haven't even begun this weeks challenge… I'm going to cheat, don't tell anyone. I'm going to do the next stage of the Aggy's… then I kill two birds with the same stone.  or I make one quilt with the two meanings.

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  1. Linda says:

    Sometimes you just gotta take things into your own hands and do the installation yourself. Or…..do it yourself with the technician standing right there because…get this…”It looks different on your computer.” Yeah, I did the DSL installation myself…..the tech just gave me some numbers to type in. You’d think they could train them a little better than that. Better yet, when my friend who had moved to Florida (I’m in Nebraska) had her cable TV & Internet hooked up I was on the phone with the tech because he couldn’t get the browser to work…Guess nobody ever told him about Firefox. hehehe

  2. Pam says:

    I love it… go the ladies…

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