It's been a busy day today.

Armed with a list of "To do's" we met with our amazing team of organizers from the 1st National Bank at the venue of the Quilt Event at the end of June.

I can't believe it… it's tailor made for our program.

There will be a huge area for the booths to set up… catering booths will be outside with cafeteria eating space under the huge veranda.

My classroom is massive and the students will have a lot of space to work.

Classes will be longer than normal and there are great incentives for people to take two classes on the first day, they get the dinner as a bonus…. the restaurant is just a hop, skip and jump away.

All the money raised will be assisting the youth in the area and with the interest shown to date we hope to make this an annual event.


We adjourned to truck stop diner with a reputation for great food…our  lunch was green chili burgers, cornbread and beans.

One of the ladies was met at the door by a friend and by the time we sat down she had negotiated to sell some of her goats.. (as you do)


I can highly recommend a business meeting over a burger.

Our meeting finished and I went and bought a super pair of cowboy boots… (I'll show them to you tomorrow)
I saw a pair in Mexico I liked… they were beautiful leather with an orange Madonna of Guadalupe tooled into the front… but then, I thought maybe they wouldn't be understood at home.

These are a little more sedate.

Um, but I wonder what you think of my new publicity photo taken by the big old blue dodge truck.

It's midnight, I need to be up at 5.30, I have a live radio interview at 7.00 am, a luncheon presentation and then I'm reading "how to train a dragon" to a year 1 class in the afternoon.

Who said being a quilt teacher was boring.?

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  1. jim west says:


  2. peggy bass says:

    as Dustin Hoffman said as Mr. Magorium, “Your life is an occasion, rise to it.” Pam you do it very well, could listen to you and view your work for hours.

  3. Pam says:

    Thanks Guys

  4. Judy B says:

    Love the photo! Would recognise it anywhere!
    And love (virtually) carrying the bags for you on this trip!

  5. Pam says:

    Thanks Judy… it’s bee an a busy day today and it’s just nice to know I have friends on my journey.

  6. peggy bass says:

    tell us more about the event your are doing in June in New Mexico and is it open to anyone? Are you teaching in Houston this year? thank you.

  7. Brady Cartee says:

    Oh, that picture of your lunch makes my mouth water! Anyway, I hope your class went well. Your designs are really intricate! And did you make those shoes? The one you wore on that picture with the truck? It looks crazy!

  8. Pam says:

    No, they are actually my felted slippers, I wear them all the time….

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