The trials of travel.

It's been a long day today I left Alamogordo NM at 8.30 and I spent most of the day traveling…(that in itself was interesting)

Now I'm in a most beautiful suite in Trump Tower in Las Vegas. I've just had spa and I'm finding it hard to stay awake..

Now how did I end up here?…. well, that's a long story too…..

I've even got a TV in the mirror in the bathroom' Hm,might think of that for the new house.

I've got heaps of work to do, I've been film editing almost all the way here, but I will get up early in the morning to do it…

Notes for the next class have been floating around the USA and it's been a little worrying that they hadn't arrived… (well one package did) But…. they arrived today, just in time so I'm mightily relieved.

flying over boulder dam.

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  1. So is everything set up for the festival in Alamogoro? And what are you doing next?
    It is hard to keep tabs on you!

  2. FrancesB says:

    WHAT new house?

  3. Kathy Wahl says:

    Your comments on the IPad could be used as an advertisement! They should be paying you!

  4. Pam says:

    That would be nice.!!!!

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