Birmingham, day 2.

I've finished teaching for the day. I gulped down a roll I borrowed from breakfast because I was too busy to eat lunch and I need to press my silk for the "Bollywood" night

Not too sure what it is, but I'm going prepared.!!!!!

I had the nicest ladies in class today and they all did wonderful projects and said nice things….!!! thanks.

So seeing we are in a 'Bollywood' theme I chose to share this quilt which won third place out of 47  'group quilts' well done ladies.


East Surrey Branch Embroiderers Guild.

Category:- Group.

A hand dyed  background stitched in Kantha style with applied elephant motifs lavishly decorated in hand and machine stitch.

I loved this quilt, beautifully embroidered and well executed, it gained third in the group quilt category.

But an update, I'm just back from the 'bollywood' evening and Kantha quilting was featured as well as Indian dancers performing and we ate  wonderful Birmingham Curries its called Balti.

I shared a few photos  of Kantha  in a previous post and 
at the Gallery on stand 31 it is called the traditional Kaanta.

Its a play on the ordinary running stitch used in its myriad variations. This needle and thread wonder of India has been a passion of mine for a few years now not only because  of its stunning texture, rhythm and color but because it has a comforting flow that is soothing on the eye.

The Guest speaker this evening was Padmaja Krishnann

Padmaja is a Textile and fashion artist who has been working closely with Kaantha, a traditional  recycled hand quilting craft of Bengal in Eastern India.

Her Gallery is just one more I need to get back to. There are 19 Featured Artist and about 8 galleries as well as 100's of quilts and booths so its hard to get around to see everything..

I plan to film more during lunch tomorrow.


This is my Kaantha. I carry it in my hand bag as I travel, it drapes on my chair in  and is comforting to sleep under in a humid hotel room.

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