Bayeux Discipline

I woke at 2.00 and tried to go back to sleep. But it evaded me, I was thinking of my next step on the quilt and in the end I came out to the studio at 2.30.

I’m paranoid that I’m going to forget to turn off the alarms and wake the neighbors at that time of the morning… eek, I’ve done it twice. So I set reminders for myself.

I write the book as I work…(sometimes).  This past week I’ve been constructing the events of  Harold Godwinson leaving Bosham to go to France.



Harold and his entourage are pictured visiting Bosham Church and then to they retire to Harold’s Bosham manor and they are seen enjoying a sumptuous  meal. There are cups, plates and drinking horns pictured so I imagine it was an animated meal. Lots of noise and conversation.

A man standing casually on the steps outside signals to the men that their ship is ready. The dragon headed Viking ship is in the shallows and the men lift their tunics and wade into the water carrying their hunting dogs. cont.


ET VELIS VENTO PLENIS VENIT IN TERRA WIDONIS COMITIS ( and with the wind full in his sails he came to the land of Count Guy)

You can see the strain on the faces of the sailors as they battle the elements… their shields giving them some shelter from the spray. Was the guy up the mast saying… “Hey, are we there yet?


This is where the elements took them. The small river of Maye near the Somme Estuary.

It was the property of Guy, the count of Ponthieu

These are google maps. The colors are wonderful, and I enlarged the estuary photo and got the wonderful photo below.

Somme Estuary France river Maye - Google Maps
Somme Estuary France river Maye - Google Maps-2

Now to hang out the dyed face fabric, it’s been brewing for a while.


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