Going Home.

I have a huge project to complete and I need to be incredibly disciplined. I can’t create another quilt for an entire year which is frustrating. I have so many ideas in my head and the sketch book but I just can’t allow myself the luxury.

The Bayeux Discipline – my passion.

My discipline is that I’ve set myself the task to work for 10 hours a day on my Bayeux Project for seven days a week. Physically it’s demanding. Emotionally it’s exciting and to be really honest this quilt is completely different to the sample piece. Its 236 feet of sheer delight for me. Like many of you, I’m having a problem seeing the fine details so I have an appointment at the optician tomorrow.

A few Changes

It's been a  week of ups and downs, one day I was fine, the next I was almost unable to stand and had the hot and cold shivers… I was fine the next day and then got it again the following day and so it continued. Strange. But other family members have had it too…

Bayeux Discipline.

It's Sunday and the day I do my video diary. I filmed very early this morning, it's a hot day so I have other things to do before editing it, but I will put it up this afternoon or this evening… The diary is basically for my own use, however, I'm sharing this journey. This…

Bayeux Discipline

In the 5 minute drive to Keith's  office today we were discussion my early starts… I surprised myself by realizing, just how much I love getting up at 4.00 am. I love the time of day, I love the ambiance of pre dawn, it's as if I'm blanketed in a cocoon of creativity and I…

I need more time.!!!

The time goes so fast, the time between 4.00 am to 7.00 when I have brekky (Australian slang for breakfast) just whizzes by. It's always dark when I arrive and I get to see the sun rise, which is just super. I watch the American news and I talk to the TV when I don't…

Bayeux Discipline, Faces Quilt.

These are some of the guys I have been working with over the past few days… Now they will be the subject of design for the next Bayeux Quilt for the book.

Working it through.

I feel like I'm so far behind with everything. But today I was editing and filing photos, I've added an album  of textures to my face book site. These images are of an antique Pakistani hat from my collection. I know very little about it… except that I really like the intricacy of the embroidery….