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Going Home.

Its time to go home and I can’t wait for the hugs from the little people, long dramatic story descriptions, smiles, laughter  and watching small hands doing things.

I have walking home from school adventures with Lily and Oscar, hot chocolate and biscuits sitting snuggled under the quilt till Dad picks them up and a hug from a Grandie melts the heart.


Then there’s the  normal day to day things, lunch with my girls, chats with the boys, breakfast with my husband and siblings every Saturday and we begin yet another chapter.


I have a huge project to complete and I need to be incredibly disciplined. I can’t create another quilt for an entire year which is frustrating. I have so many ideas in my head and the sketch book but I just can’t allow myself the luxury.

cousins 2


  1. Karen says

    Safe travels Pam! It was such a pleasure to take your class in Shipsewana. You are inspiring!


  2. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures, wishing I was one of your students. When you are done with your big project, please come to Philadelphia. I will make room in our guilds schedule for you, no matter when.


  3. Mary Kauffman says

    Really enjoyed seeing you in Alamogordo again. It is hard to have more ideas and projects than time to do them – but how blessed we are to NEVER be bored!
    Can you tell me a little more about the bear and person drawing?
    God bless your hands as you work on your project!
    Mary Kauffman in New Mexico


    • Mary, that was a drawing I found somewhere… not sure where I picked it up, but I loved it. Thanks so much for coming to the event. It was our best ever.


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