Wonderful stories in quilting.

After posting a less than positive  post recently, I've been thinking a lot about the wonderful environment that I find myself in, Quilting. It's an encouraging,  sharing environment to work in.l

So I've decided to collect 'Quilting stories'

Every Quilt has a story.

This is one of mine.

We had a wonderful friend, George.

In actual fact, he and his wife Penny are friends of my Daughter Callie, but George helped me in the garden, he loved to sit in the dining room and share a cuppa and talk about the creative side of Quilting.

George had a long battle with cancer and he struggled to overcome the disease that was slowly taking over his life.

On one of his visits he noticed one of my Milagros, it's a small painting done on a piece of tin.

It tells the tale of a miracle that occurred and these visual stories are place in the church as evidence of thankfulness.

We talked a lot about the Milagros, I shared with George that in many of the Churches  in Mexico, you can buy small metal tokens. Some are in the form of legs, or breasts or a part of the body that you wish healed. They are then placed on an object in the church.

I promised George I would bring him back a Milagros.

I bought him over 100 images and sewed them to a small quilt.

Link to the method.

Link to the finished quilt.


George passed away, but his Milagros was there hanging in his room and gave him some peace during the hard times.

I you have a story, send it to me, I'm going to make a book of stories….

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  1. Pam,
    I find that every quilt makes up it’s own story as it comes together. Even a few leftover blocks have the story of what they were leftover from. Practice blocks have the stories of what was being practised and if it worked like it was supposed to. Other quilts start with a story, but often add their own story as they evolve.
    Then they get another story as they are used and enjoyed.
    Judy B

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