Quilts and Kids

At night, my computer is slow and it takes longer to do the blog… so I figured that I should write it in the morning when the brain is fresh and the internet is faster for some reason….!!!

I've been studying online for some time now and often the classes begin at 3.30 am when the show is live from the USA. I have to give up the Bayeux work for that day but it s a good start to the day.

Yesterday and today was one of those occasions and despite having to sit and write notes occasionally I could  work on the latest project while the lecture goes on in the background.


The people are coming to life on the fabric. The colors jump off the background and the memories of that wonderful trip to the Caribbean comes to life.


Each piece has to be illustrated to give detail and dimension to the quilt. The plain fabric becomes a dimensional basket with drapplique.

Because I was up early, I had time to do other special things in the day.

P1040181Visits and cuddles from one of our little people and then an afternoon with Mr Kodi aged 8.

First of all we went and had the best hamburger we could find at Burger foundry… it was a chicken burger with brie and avocado -  and then we could only eat half!!!!

Next off on a photo shoot to our Botanical Gardens. There is  a lotus pool right in the center and the flowers are in bloom right now. Its been there since I was a child. My parents never took us there, but I discovered it when I was a teenager.

Kodi shot with my small camera. I didn't have to instruct him, he just watched me shoot and followed me.



This is his image.

I hope that by looking at things in detail and in another dimension he will  have an appreciation of the beautiful from the mundane.

When I spend time with the Grandies  I love to see their excitement at things like discovering a tree that looks like a castle or a bug on a leaf.


Another of Kodi's photos.

I feel the need to capture the day.  Kodi, playing in the fountain and just sitting in the Gazebo.

We just time had time for an ice cream and a drink and on to the movies to see the "Life of Pi" we both loved it… and it was a wonderful day.

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