Its a darn hard way to have a face lift.

I've been a little sedate this week, but working my butt off to take my mind off less pleasant things.

My 6 monthly visit to the skin specialist last week left me with stitches in my back and shoulder and biopsy on a spot on my face.

 I awaited the results… "Tuesday I will ring you" said my specialist.

Work hard and finish another quilt.

Tuesday came and went with no phone call and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Work hard and finish another quilt.

Wednesday the same.

Thursday afternoon the call came. "We need to get that spot off, its safe but it can't be left till you get back"

Hasty arrangements were made with the plastic surgeon and I was in his surgery on Friday morning.

Results…..XXXXX its a darn hard way to have a face lift.

Then again, now I can get the other side done on health funds because it has to match this darn sore side.!!!


I've watched a bit of TV in the past 24 hours, I had to sleep in the chair and will do again tonight…I finished the chocolate I bought last week

but.. its all good and tomorrow is Mothers Day.

We're having a bonfire over at my sons house. We're going to have Jaffles, sausage rolls, pea soup, potato bake and other illicit stuff like apple pie.!!!!!

Thank you dear friend Patsy for sending me Mexican Mothers Day wishes… same to you my friend.



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  1. OOh OUCH!! Our fierce Australian sun takes its toll as we get older.Sorry you’re in pain.
    I had to have skin graft on my face too.Took a piece from ear…Glad that’s over.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Oh boy Pammy I can feel that. My knee biopsy has come back non malignant but he wants to see me about it. The MRI on the head is next week. That doopy stuff they give you knocks me around for days, I don’t know how you can work. My whole next week would be unpicking.
    Get well soon.

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