Quilting from the back of the quilt.

I've spent the entire day quilting, 15 hours and my neck hurts. My shoulder is sore and I'm really tired of it tonight.

Its a silly thing to do really, but I have to get it done.

We've all done that at some time or another I'm sure.

I have a responsibility to the event, a deadline to keep and  people relying on me so it has to be done.

One of the quilts is really heavily quilted and the other is sort of minimalist.




The fabric I chose for the back is fabulous, so I decided to quilt it from the back and have the pattern show on the front. The fabric on the front is Cherrywood (My fav) and I thought it would look super.

The quilting  looks OK. I think I'm a bit too fussy threading the ends in….. eeek it takes ages.

I used two Janomes and my sweet 16. Of course I couldn't have the same thread in each, I don't have 3 reels of most of my threads… two maybe, but not three.

So I fudged it, I had the correct thread in the bobbins of 2 machines and on top of the other.

One had a open toe basic foot, one had a the open toe free motion and the sweet 16…. well, its just that.




There were sone blank spaces that neded to be filled in so I used the sweet 16  because I like doing pebble quilting and  I manage to do that quite well on  that machine.

Quilting  from the back and free motion worked better with the Janome, the stitches looked neater on the (back which was actaully the front)

The other Janome followed the long straight lines and gave me a foundation for quilting.

Sounds confusing.

Indeed it was…. throw in a three year old an eight week old Playschool and Dr Phil on the TV and I sure had my hands full.

I kept forgetting what machine I was on and tried using the knee lift on the sweet 16… whoops, thats not the way its done on this machine.

OK, its an experiment and I've done it before quite successfully, but why the heck did I decide to do it when I'm in a hurry….?





Mr Darcy slept for an hour. 

Mr Kaiden kept me laughing with his conversation and told me I could kiss Darcy as much as I liked because thats what you do with babies.!!!

Bless him.

I've not finished the quilt because I got sick of it… so I started on the minimalist one and listened to "The book Thief"

An Ineresting day indeed.



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