A surprise.

Surprise'    verb (of something unexpected) cause (someone) to feel mild astonishment or shock: 

 Goodness, I’ve had my share this year. For the most part they have been ‘A nice surprise’

I  got some happy news today, it's a wonderful opportunity and I will share more about it later. I had to make some quick calls to the US and its now confirmed. Fantastic.

I don't take these wonderful things lightly, some of my peers are doing it tough with health problems right now so I realise that every day and opportunity is a gift. So I'm happy to be unwrapping it in my own strange way.


Tonight I have 3 quilts on the table to be finished and I leave in two weeks so the pressure is on.

I've designed 3 totally different techniques with these quilts and two of them will be new classes!!!

In reality I should be quilting rather than writing the blog, but I need a little break now and then.



Why on earth am I watching a show about plane crashes ?

OK, so I turned it off. Even my house cleaners said today … "Oh I wouldn't be flying these days"

Thanks guys.

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