Re-creating the Bayeux Tapestry as  a Quilt.


It may sound strange saying this but for me continuity is paramount to keep in the flow of this special project.            I find I work more efficiently if I draw the applique and prepare it by putting it onto the fabric as soon as possible, if I wait for a few days I loose track.  (Where the heck does that piece go?)

So, when I’m working on each section,   I’m able to  memorize where each piece needs to be placed and it makes it much easier if its fresh in my mind. In fact, its almost like a production line.

Draw the image on fusible web, place it on fabric, cut it out and assemble each applique image and then complete that part of the panel ready to quilt and applique.

tiny applique pieces… there are several hundred in this 20″ section.
Rolls of plans. 80 yards of them in fact.


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