An update to the life of a Traveling Teacher.

               My Daughter My Heart Button Rectangle Floral           I’ve come to the end of this wonderful tour and the travel sector sets in once again.

Planning, packing and planning again, I have to get two cases safely from the USA to Korea and then back to Australia.

Yesterday the winding down included sending excess supplies back to base.

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When you are in a city you are unfamiliar with, the GPS is your best friend, however, I drove round and round to find a park at the huge post office here in Santa Fe. I finally found a park but it was  some distance from the entry door.

My package was 30 lb, I managed to get it a short distance, then plop it on the fence and rest and continue on again. When I finally got to the door. I found I had a huge corridor to traverse. I looked at it in despair. A kind man carried the package for me and I was so pleased to finally get to the service line.

I walk out of the Post Office with a huge sense of relief. Wave the flag.

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I found a laundry at my hotel, and once again feeling very happy that I could complete the tasks I washed my clothes, only to find out 45 mins later, that I had put them in the dryer, washing powder and all. It meant I finished the task with a proper wash and dry in the evening.

These are not the things the average woman has to do when you are at home. Almost everything you do on the road is manipulated just a little differently. I’ve  ended up eating tomato soup for breakfast on some occasions, I just don’t cope with the plastic yellow rings that come out of a box that are prepared as eggs in some hotels. I can’t eat fruit due to allergies, so I’m always scouting out the local stores for breakfast and that’s interesting too.

So today its another adventure and I will relax when I start my 18 hours of travel around the world tomorrow.

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  1. Again thanks so much for being in Santa Fe and speaking at our guild meeting. I saw that you spent some time in Lancaster, PA before coming to Santa Fe. Lancaster is my husband’s hometown and he enjoyed seeing the beautiful photos that you had taken there. Have a safe trip home and we hope you will visit again. Your grandchildren are beautiful and I am sure you can’t wait to see them., I will continue to read your blog entries!

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