Alice Isabella goes to the quilt show – read it to your Grandies.

Thank you Kodi, Kaiden, Darcy, Tilly, Hudson, Ollie, Lily, Oscar, Savannah, Abbey, Jaya and Harrison. (our smaller Grandies)     Who are sharing their Bammas story.

Alice Isabella is a tiny lady of undermined age who lives in a note book in my hand bag.
Sometimes she sleeps a lot, but she does enjoy traveling with me.
Today she was so excited because we were going to Cincinnati (sit-on-the-matty) to the quilt show.

She has been waiting a very long time to go and she was really, really excited.
She has her bags full of interesting things… her clothes, magazines in case she gets bored, and 20 cheese sandwiches wrapped in brown paper just in case she gets hungry or just in case no one feeds her or – just in case.


She was so excited that she even wore her name tag on the plane.   Just in case

She was so excited that she did a little dance in the in the line to get on the plane. Just because – and she nearly choked herself on her name tag as it flew up in the air.


Alice Isabella loves the big comfy beds at the hotel.


She asks for 8 pillows and says (with a plum in her mouth and her nose in the air) “I need to be close to the lifts”
She doesn’t really but she thinks it makes you look important to be by the lifts.

Hint for grandchildren. If you want to know what it’s like talking with a plum in your mouth.
Ask your Mum for one and try it….!!!

To be continued.

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