Traveling – on the road for 65 days – So far.

It takes planning, patience, persistence and perseverance.

Sometimes I’m a little short on some of those things, but to be honest, out of the 100’s of people I’ve met on this tour only one person fell short of my expectation.  I’ve traveled around the world and flown, to seven countries on lots of flights and I’m still smiling.

So I can now share a few photos of New York.


Times square where everything moves so fast. It’s a fusion of color that moves en-mass.

Every time you turn there is something interesting to see. I love the excitement, the people in the street. The food and the fact that everything is ‘different’ for me.


The 1920s was also an era of contradictions for New York as a modern industrial city that, with engineering feats of wonder, had conquered the sky and constructed a hidden network of water lines, sewer lines, and power lines below the ground. The buildings and decorations ever prominent in the major part of the City. You need to look up, Look up.


I’m afraid of the grids… what’s under them?



The lure of the theatre is ever present and presented in a form that you definitely can’t miss. After, or even during, successful runs in Broadway theatres, producers often remount their productions with new casts and crew for the Broadway national tour, which travels to theatres in major cities across the country. Sometimes when a show closes on Broadway, the entire production, with most if not all of the original cast intact, is relaunched as a touring company, hence the name “Broadway national tour”. Some shows may even have several touring companies out at a time, whether the show is still running in New York or not, with many companies “sitting down” in other major cities for their own extended runs.

Friends and I attended Carnegie Hall to hear pianist Mitsuko Uchida share her talents with us. I’m playing her music as I write this blog.


Then there are always the street art Installations and fabrics in the Garment District.

NY ribbons.

And traveling on the Metro.

What more can I say about NY.  I love its very being and that’s a strange thing to come from a lady who lives in the suburbs of Adelaide South Australia.


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  1. Avik Roy says:

    What Specific Job Is This?

  2. Robert Varga says:

    This is again an incredible post. Beautiful.
    My god, those many cabs!

  3. natandiz says:

    wow!! That’s awesome

  4. natandiz says:

    wow!!! awesome life

  5. Love your photographs, so vivid and beautiful!

  6. Jane Lurie says:

    You’ve captured the feeling of being in NYC beautifully, Pam.

  7. Catherine gray. says:

    Always enjoy your travels Pam, wonderful photo and great description of travel.

  8. Lesley Hurt says:

    Love your colourful photos of New York, I can hear the sounds and feel the buzz. So glad you are still smiling.

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