It’s just the way it is.

My room is quiet and a sanctuary at the end of a hectic day.


There is an aluminum cup on the little round table sprouting  a few scrappy stems of rosemary that I borrowed from the restaurant garden the other evening, along with my hand sewing project that is an antidote to my unconscious moments of needing to do something.  A small grey felt bag given to me by a student in New Zealand and a hand made needle book, another emotional gift. The felt bag  holds the glorious contents for travel.


I have classical music lulling me into a false sense of peace because in 15 minutes, I have to be ‘on’ again. On to chat, On to share and On to answer questions that are often directed  to their personal project, both, now and from the past. I switch gears instantly and listen with genuine interest.


I shut my eyes for just a few minutes and the day passes in front of my eyes like a vision  of a 1950’s bike rider on a country road. It’s good, it’s warm and she’s riding fast, breeze in her hair, the sun beating down and bare arms.

I have a collection of mind images that one could say is a form of meditation. I’ve learned to snatch them from their place of rest and use them with a purpose.

Every day brings forth a bit of a bonus in one way or another. I don’t think I have a day that is ordinary, there is always a spark of inventiveness or even a little creative crusading for the team. Who wouldn’t be flattered that your peers are interested in your art.

I’m part of a wonderful group who make Textile Art  their chosen career. We’ve all worked hard, we’ve taken the good with the difficult and made it significant in our personal life.

When I see the spark of an idea dart from the hands of the tutor to the heart of student it makes everything worthwhile.

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  1. quilts! I know they are of some value if they are antiques. But I rather not collect them. they are huge and take a lot of space!

    1. Pam Holland says:

      I guess you think that quilts are quilts !!!!! yes, some are, but quilts are art too. The majority of art quilts are no larger than an average painting.

      1. Hello Pam! We would love to invite you to teach a 2018/2019 workshop at Madeline Island School of the Arts (MISA). Please let us know if this is of interest and I would be delighted to give you a call!

      2. Pam Holland says:

        Thank you I will send you an email.

  2. Judy Murrah says:

    Good thoughts, Pam, as I’m one day closer to stem cell transplant. It’s one week before it all begins. Your thoughts are always an inspiration to me. Stay well and happy.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Judy, you have gone through so much and I admire you so much for your positive energy and I will be thinking of you this week as you undergo the transplant. Kind thoughts my friend.

  3. slbuckin says:

    We’ll all be thinking of Judy as she goes through her journey. God bless and keep you safe, Judy. Pam, as for you, well….you are always a breath of fresh air, full of creative juices that overflow…your cup runneth over and we all benefit from everything you share. My dream is to spend a creative week with you sometime in the future. Well, we all need dreams, eh?

  4. Collect Life says:

    What a lovely relaxing post. Thanks for sharing😀

  5. paigejenny says:

    Pam, your creativity and passion for art is really inspiring. I love that your perspective, positivity and your ability to narrate your day and emotion is so captivating.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you so much.

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