Traveling and Teaching.

My theory is that when you travel you’re in the moment and there’s so many things you can’t predict happening. But if you enter the race with a sense of humor you get to the finishing point with a wonderful collection of memories and stories.

When you’re a teacher, so many things can go wrong if you don’t keep on top of the process.

So many people are relying on you.  I sure take it seriously.

The older I get and the longer my teaching career extends I check, double check, and check again and sometimes I still make mistakes. So tonight arriving at my event destination. I’ve been going  over every piece of paper work I have for the event and I pour over the computer  making sure all is on track for the class and the other official things I have to do.         I can’t enter into conversation with the husband.    pleaseeeee.

This is the town of my birth,  I have friends and relatives here and we came in a few days early to visit with them…. then that’s it folks… no more fluff.

I, like all teachers I have some horror stories of things that have gone wrong. Far too many to write here.    Many, many years ago I turned up at an event late due to a huge traffic jam in transit.   Many, many, many years ago, I missed my plane and ended up a day late for an event. It put so many people out I was utterly embarrassed.

One nightmare of a  trip in England, I struggled with my luggage trying to travel by train. I had to whip them up 100’s of steps it seemed, then down again, onto a train and find somewhere for them to rest, off that train and onto a connecting one, then down more steps and  into one of those English Taxis were the driver was more interested in eating his pie (which he dripped down his t shirt) than helping me with my luggage. I was a nervous wreck when I got to the event and had to stand in front of 500 people that evening and give a flawless lecture. I think those were the days that almost ended my career. I tell you folks it sure makes you strong.

So here I go again, doing the thing I love the best, sharing what I love about Textile Art with like minded people, and trust me, these days it goes smoothly and casually without anyone knowing about the preparation that precedes each session of joy.

I also have the most amazing collection of stories, which left to float around for a while  become side splitting memories.

This trip is unusual. 11 days in a single room with Mr Holland working on his computer and talking to clients.  (I’m normally on my own) So I put the earphones in turn up the sound and work to the dulcet tones of Secret Sisters. He did come in handy today though, I needed his brand new toothbrush to clean out the connection on my iPad. !

First time I’ve had to do that in fifty years of marriage.



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  1. Gigi in California says:

    OMG, I love the toothbrush story!

  2. Hi Pam, Wanted to share with you the project I did after Asilomar where I took your class. I was at my grandies later this summer and asked them to make a mandala for me to have. Their ages are 25 to 8 and they really enjoyed the process. They turned out good and I put them in my studio to remind me everyday how special they are. Loved this post. Did you tell your husband you “borrowed” his toothbrush? I never knew you need to clean out your IPad Pro! LOL.

    Karen Adams 😉


    1. Pam Holland says:

      fantastic Karen…. it was great having you in class..Yes, he actually gave me the toothbrush.

  3. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Now that is true love… good on you Keith. Wait… did he know you used it? 🙂

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Yes he did actually.

  4. pamela armas says:

    I remember those days lecturing and giving presentations. No more for this

    old Gypsy!

  5. Susan Shamekh says:

    Loved your toothbrush story! LOL

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