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Houston International Quilt Market and Festival, Day 1.

The first section I photographed this morning was.

A celebration of color:-  sponsored by Aurifil.

“Whatever your style quilt colorfully.  Well I guess that fits into my genre completely. I enjoyed this section and you get to see the quilts that took my eye.”

I’ve seen the quilt below before and I think I love its color, texture and vibrancy.

Forgive me, rather than writing the description I have added the official ones, it takes so long to write the out manually.

The images of the quilts are not for publication by anyone viewing this blog, please respect the rights of the original designers and creators. I’m sharing them for you sheer enjoyment.




  1. Thank you Pam! They are all wonderful….and it’s so nice to see so many names of people I know…


  2. Glynis Smit says

    Thank you for showing some of the quilts- it is wonderful to be able to see them. Thank you too Pam for taking the time and effort to enable those of us who can’t be there to feel part of the show.


  3. Joyce Chapman says

    Thank you Pam, your photos are awesome and it is lovely to see the experts work. Travel safe💕


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