Traveling, teaching and tall tales.

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog but there has been so much to do to prepare for this trip that the days slipped by without touching the keys.

In saying that I do keep up on FB and sharing ideas  on other sites… but its the blog that has suffered.

I’m in New Zealand Teaching and Lecturing for 20 days. It was by invitation and I’m honored to be asked. I have a long list of events to attend and I’m traveling by bus and plane to get to my destination. It’s a little out different, but a real adventure and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’m getting up early tomorrow to go for a walk and do a little sight seeing tomorrow before an all day event and then my lecture on the Bayeux Tapestry I’m creating.


I’m only home for a day in March and then I leave for overseas until May,  Germany and Ireland are also on the agenda.

When I travel I have to be very inventive in finding my way around. It didn’t take me long to find great restaurants and delightful coffee shops. And to find these amazing creations.


The scenery is beautiful and the trees are so different… but I hope to do a proper photo essay in the next few days


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  1. Your work is astounding, inspiring, beyond beautiful.

  2. Francie Mewett says:

    Love these photos Pam. Enjoy your travels. xx

  3. ericasta says:

    I enjoyed this Post

  4. debby says:

    Wow! The bits and pieces you showed of your bayeux tapestry are amazing. The details you have included are so beautiful.

    I can’t imagine being away from home for so long, but its fun to follow along on your travels 🙂

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