Early morning photo shoot.

The alarm rang at 5.30am and shocked me into reality. I stretched my legs, were they still hurting from walking for hours on that hard cement floor the previous day. That darn floor always jumps up and grabs me. “No, they are still attached” I mumbled so I figured I’d made it through to today….

That’s the value of teaching.

I’ve been drawing and writing patterns today as I travel. This is one I’ve done before, but it’s been prepared for thread stitching now. I don’t know how other teachers design and prepare a class. It’s one of those things that are never really discussed when we meet socially. I mean I don’t think it’s…

8 ladies in the bus.

I write this in the bus as we drive to the Doha coffee plantation.

8 ladies in the bus.

I’ve been up since 3.30, catching up on paperwork… mainly for the next trip to Mexico. I’m sure that will be another adventure indeed.

Tango Mar. –

I woke with anticipation in the morning and a just a slight concern about the uncertain. I hadn’t traveled on Jetblue before, I’ve never been to Costa Rica and I was unsure of the timing of the events of the day. But you just let the events slide over you and the inevitable happens. The day proceeds like a thread through fabric, weaving and blending all the events to make one.

The Bird Ballet.

I loved the little waders and I spent quite a bit of time filming them. I think they are called Wilsons plovers. They run in cartoon style up the beach following the receding wave and then as if on cue, they turn as one and run back up the beach keeping just ahead of the wave. It was like a Bird Ballet.