Creating a design board.

This is a small drawing I created in Adobe Draw on the iPad Pro as we traveled in the bus yesterday.

It’s Naive to say the least, but it’s what I saw in a pure sort of way.

I could even use is as a bag pattern.

Components in the image could be used as stand alone patterns for fabric. The stripes, the trees on the orange and the river.

I can create quilt images of patterns and the graduation effect can be used as a background.

From one illustration I have a host of ideas.

However, this is just a watercolour in the iPad to be used as a base for future ideas. I just wanted to capture the colour.

I want to capture the colours from this image.

Here they are. Now I can match thread, fabric or ink.

The colour base.

Basically I have two projects here, now it’s time to do the drawing to create Textile Art.

Stay tuned.

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