Bikies, (or Bikers in the USA) Body odour and blessings. – a travel story of a Quilter.

Hah, I knew she would have to move, it was impossible for him to squeeze pass her like I did. So a dance of bodies occurred and the young man wedged himself between us. I almost reeled from his strong body odour and I thought “whoops this is going to be an interesting 4 hours” He was sweating profusely… and began chatting to me, I turned to look at him and I realised that he was terrified of the situation he was in.

A Quilters tour of Dallas – Do you see what I see – the unexpected

Sometimes, the day just rolls by with unpredictably and you smile and on other occasions cringe at each event and accept it as it happens.

Today was just one of those days.

The hotel organized a shuttle to the train station a short distance away and I planned to go to Fort Worth. I’ve been there before, and yes its touristy, but sometimes you just need a little tourist delight in your day. The train appeared shortly after I arrived at the station. A great big white two-story train bearing down on me with a boom of the whistle and squealing of wheels.

travelling and drawing.

We traveled all day yesterday. LA, Chicago, Traverse city and finally Grayling. We arrived in the dark, rain and fog. We had to change the body clock once again… 3 hours this time, it takes a little getting used to. I got a lot of work done on the plane, I finished the film, and …


It's quiet and calm in the club,  music is coming from an unknown source and is gently soothing the soul, there are no windows in the this part of the building, but the lighting is gold and warm. They make real coffee in real coffee machines, (a must have for a coffee lover) the food…