Back on Track.

Back on track after a short trip with the Grandies. It’s rather special spending time with them. In the photo is  Mr Kodi aged 2 and our eldest Granddaughter Chianne, 16.
Keith and I also celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Rather a milestone I think, but if he says one more time "You get less time for murder"… I’m going to throttle him.
I guess our family are testament to an interesting 40 years.

I wrote a journal for about 20 years. The kids tell me that I just wrote  them so they would read them and find out all the gossip….!!!! huh. Funny I see them going to the library to go through them quite often. However, it will make writing my book easier.

10 years ago I journaledDsc02027_2 my first quilt. It’s really interesting to read….well to me anyway.
How things have changed.
June the 11th 1996, I write that I used part of my MTW stash for the house on the left. Heaven forbid, it was Mumms the Word fabric.!!!
Sorry Debbie Mumm. I disposed of all of your fabric many years ago, however 10 1/2 years ago I loved it.
I finished the quilt on Tuesday 17th September and it had taken me 260 hours.

I spent the day today writing a script for a new DVD. Son Jamie has a production company and insists on a script. I prefer to just ramble on, however, but I do as he says…… I’ll have to finish it on the way to Sydney on Thursday.
The DVD will be on Portraits considering that has been my last  project.

The Stitch and Bitch girls come for the day tomorrow… and there is more laughing than work but –  what a way to spend a day.
We’ve been together for over 15 years now. Some of us met in the "Stitch and Bitch" corner of the local quilt shop. (Yes, that was the sign on the door) We got together every month in the beginning, then it got down to every two weeks, then weekly, but I’m rarely able to attend  so a visit to the shed is a celebration. We’ve had some interesting times.  The husbands just used to drop in at lunch time for about a year or so…. then another time my daughter was in labor and we entertained her until I took her to hospital.  I was being photographed by the local Sunday paper, Callie was holding the quilt for the photographer and crumpled several  times…. He said  "is she OK"… "Oh, she just in labor"  poor thing he turned green. He rang the next day to see if she had the baby… cute.Dsc02010

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  1. Di says:

    Wow Pam – Chianne has grown up soooo much – she looks gorgeous! Kodi is adorable as always… and Keith….well my parents were married 44 years yesterday and Dad has been saying the same stuff (about less for murder). Must be a bloke thing! Can’t wait to see the DVD!!!

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