Frida Khalo Collage.

It’s been a warm day, but I came out to the shed at about 4.00 am to get an early start.

I have a schedule to keep which has been a little askew the past few weeks….so I thought I would work longer hours today.

I write for at least three hours a day on my books…. but I also had to finish the notes for my collage quilt.

15 pages in all and it’s finished…. gees, it’s almost a book as well, but I remember a class I went to  many years ago, the Tutor gave us notes in color and I absolutely treasured them. I guess I’ve been trying to do that ever since…. the problem is, I keep thinking of things of extra things I need to say in the notes….!!!

I also found this Frida Khalo video on U Tube. You may be interested.

Frida Khalo


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