El Paso

We arrived in El Paso yesterday morning after a very early start.

As you fly the view out of the window changes drastically… Forests and fields of green gradually morph into treeless brown earth.
El Paso is at 3700 feet above sea level and we will climb even higher today as we make ourt way through the Organ Mountains to White Sands national Park.
El Paso's downtown streets look rather rustic even though they're not. Copied after streets in Mexico, the street surfacing technique uses black cement to pave the road. After the cement is poured, a roller passes over it, leaving a cobblestone-like impression.

We're going to look for quilt shops today…..!!!!
More this evening.

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  1. emily says:

    You would know about 4,800 quilt shops across the US and Canada with the WRBQ Inc. National Directory. (www.wrbqinc.com) I hope you found Sew What’s New in El Paso, TX today!

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