On my way home.

It's thanksgiving in the USA today…. I imagine, that many of my friends are spending the day with their families in celebration….but I had mine a little earlier than most.

The Quilt group of San Miguel de Allende held a special thanksgiving dinner for me yesterday.DSC04633

What can I say, except that their efforts left me speechless…. (well not quite, I did manage to tell a story or two……)

There is such a sense of comradeship amongst the group….it reaches beyond the genre of quilting. It reminds me of a saying.   

"Isn't everyone a part of everyone else"DSC04624

There is a delight  – and heightening of the senses in being in a house festooned in purple, green, red and orange …of visiting with new friends and sharing a meal prepared in collaboration.DSC04629

I look forward in repaying their fabulous gesture in the future….

So I leave Mexico with a little sadness, but happy anticipation of being home with my family….. 

My students in Mexico City taught me a valuable lesson.

"The difference between try and triumph is a little umph."  they persevered in quite a difficult class to achieve their goal, their enthusiasm was infectious…. and I thank everyone involved in bringing me to Mexico once again….

I'll be back next year, escorting a tour to Oaxaca and Mexico City…. we will spend time with the Mexico City Quilt Group and share our ideas on quilting…

I need to come back to cook with Yoli, go shopping with Stephanie… share the joy of museums and eating with Kathy and bring new ideas to Sylvia and Alma Rosa……

Thanks so much.

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  1. Karen says:

    Pam what wonderful photo’s that you have been posting, I use to love you letters when you posted from the shed to the quiltersbee group on line and now I have taken to reading your blog several times a week and love your stories and photo’s.

  2. Pam HOLLAND says:

    Thanks Karen…. I appreciate your comments…

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