A day of contrasts.

11.00 pm and a huge thunderstorm is taking it's vengeance on Tel Aviv, in fact we had to stop filming several times today because of the storm.

Each day I learn a little more about quilting here in Israel. I am in no way an authority, but I'm excited at the unique artistry of the quilters in this country.

It is humbling to hear that something I might say or demonstrate would enthuse the most talented of quilters. I get rather embarrassed, but then again it's an honor…

Filming is finished, the takes worked well. The storyboard completed and tomorrow we can play before I leave for Jordan and Dubai on Thursday. But plans are underway to come back and teach. There is great enthusiasm.

I did have a short opportunity to visit the city today. Niza took me to Jaffa, and my heart leapt with excitement at the sight of the ancient buildings. 

There are several legends about the origin of the name Jaffa. Some say it is named for Japheth, one of the sons of Noah, who built it after the Great Flood.

Archaeological evidence shows that Jaffa was inhabited some 7,500 years BCE. Jaffa's natural harbor has been in use since the Bronze Age. The first ancient inhabitants were most probably Canaanites and Philistines.

Unfortunately it was too dark to take pictures. It was a combination of lack of light in the storm and the approaching dusk.
however, I have had a picture for many years that I love of Jaffa and it portrays a wonderful feeling of light and warmth.

Gustav Bauernfeind: Market at Jaffa, 1877 painting


We also walked the old streets of Tel Aviv and looked at the Bau Houses.

During the 1930s, when the modernist movement in art was at its peak in Europe, the city of Tel Aviv was undergoing rapid development. Most of the architects working in the new city at the time had a European background and brought with them the ideas of the modernist movement. These architects, who were influenced by the work of La Courbousie, Walter Grufius, Eric Mendelson and the Bauhaus school of art and design, built many buildings in the center of Tel Aviv that were adapted to fit the special needs of the time and place. It is very important to preserve and reconstruct these buildings, since they serve as an open museum to the International Style in architecture.

It was fascinating vision, and the history even more so.


We had a coffee at a local coffee shop while the storm raged around us.



I quite like the way this car was parked, rather innovative I think.


Interesting tiles…!!! "OK I'll tile the front path, but don't ask me to match them"


and this is a flower I've never seen before.


Jaffa at dusk.

Well, I have a contract to go through, I've just received a long emotional email from Jamie describing his adventures and encounters with the Japanese whaling ships…

The boy can write as well as film. I'm impressed.


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