It's 10.30 pm, Bangkok time….

7.30 pm in Moscow. 4.30 pm in London. I've had a couple of hours sleep in the past 28 hours and I am really ready for bed.

The hot shower felt good and soothingly refreshing.

We arrived in Bangkok late this afternoon and went straight to tomorrows teaching venue.

Sponsored by Blue Sport, Bernina dealer the classes have been set up, notes translated into Thai, kits prepared, video presentation checked and now I can sleep. I'll leave the ironing of the fancy clothes till tomorrow.!!!!

The heat hit us like an enveloping blanket as we walked out of the airport…. I love it. Coming back to Bangkok is like visiting an old friend….. the smell, the heat, the sounds and of course the food….we've been in the city almost every year for the past 35 years.


This photo was taken as we flew over Windsor Castle in England last evening.I don't know if the Queen was there, I can't see the flag.

I watched a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed…

Looking for Eric

I laughed an I cried,it's one of those down home British movies that you want to see over and over again… a bit like Billy Elliot. Raw yet poignant.

I have some new ideas for classes so I worked on that for a few hours…


DSCN0254 This will be a class in design, color, texture, illustration and applique.


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  1. Rach says:

    I wish I was in Thailand…JEALOUS!!!! I almost feel homesick for it. Ralphy is LOVINg his sleep over at our house…so is tilly.

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