Busy. Just plain Busy.

DSC00789This is the first self portrait I've done. It's not too realistic….

Of course the face is a bit younger, but I wasn't going to put in all the wrinkles…!!!!

YES, it's part of the book.

It's 103 outside now… but there are still people walking around in the heat. Unlike home, the grass is still green and I have air conditioning in my studio…and bedroom. A luxury.

I'm learning a lot more about Hot Springs. I thought Hot Spring Village was a "village" well it is really but it's the biggest gated community in the USA.

After a little confusion I found myself there and Carol and her husband took me out on the lake. It is just beautiful. Unlike other places the houses are just feet from the lake and its breathtakingly spectacular.

I can't believe I left my camera in my bag in the house. I'm going to meet the quilters on Thursday so I will try to take some photos then.

Still working on the MN project in between everything else…

It's color pencil on fabric…

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  1. Fran says:

    Love the self portrait!

  2. You look adorable!

  3. Pammy you shouldn’t worry about doing faces you have caught the essence of you in your smile,…. and the hair, ….and the bling, ….and the shoes. ……. Oh it’s just you.

  4. I forgot the nails.

  5. peggy says:

    Your self portrait is wonderful……

  6. Pam says:

    It’s a bit whacky honey….and I just LOVE the photos on your blog.

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