The Internet freeze.

Whew…!!! I've been sending this blog out under enormous difficulties…

The Internet would go in and out….. one minute, I'm on line, the next… down it goes.

I had difficulty getting my mail on the lap top, but thank goodness for the Ipad…. it came through every time.

It was 105 today so I was inside most of the time…..I have been working and finished almost all the letters…..

"R" for Ralf…. and now I feel homesick hearing that Ralf is missing me and Tilly  was unhappy at kindy, asked why she said "I miss my Bamma".


I  was able to chat with Keith tonight, and two of the young me who work here walked past and chatted to him too… cute… One young man has decided to be my minder… he's a nice young man, he makes sure the passages are quiet at night and checks on me each morning when I come down to the lobby. I might just adopt him too. He fits in well with our family.

I found another use for the Ipad…. it weighs about 2 lb… just right when you do your exercises… hold it in one hand and use it as a weight…..flex the muscles, side twists… above the head……. OK, sounds strange… but it works for me….!! I'm glad no one can see me…!

My baby girl is about to have a birthday and there is to be a BIG party at home… for her and for Jamie who is off to the Emmys and I leave California, the day he arrives…. !!!!

I watched Whale Wars last night and cringed.

I also found you can download Lonely Planet books to the I pad. I sampled one on Great Britain and what a good idea… it normally costs me $30 to buy one then I can't carry it with me so I pull the pages out and stick them back in when I get home… Now they are in the Ipad….!

Oh darn it, I decided to buy it at $12

When you are on the Internet it gives you the URL to the places you wish to visit and voila… there is the map, and all the info.

For the past three days I have been attempting to put up information on how to change your photos to watercolor or posterize in Microsoft….

I hope I can do it tomorrow now the internet is better…..

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  1. peggy says:

    I hope Bamma gets to go home soon to see Tilly, it is hard for them to understand when Bamma is away. And yes it is hot, here too in Kansas City….. Sorry you will miss seeing Jamie in LA…

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