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Starry Crown 1987, – John Thomas Biggers




"I learned a long time ago that self-dignity and racial pride could be consciously approached through art." — John Biggers, quoted in Elton Fax, Seventeen Black Artists (New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1971), 282.


I've seen several paintings by John Thomas Biggers and as a quilter and an artist I find them fascinating.

In the painting above I find myself drawn to the perspective placement of his illustrated blocks on the floor and also on the garments.

The stars placed over the blocks are wonderful too and he has added dimension to them with an orange outline on one side of the stars. I need to try that.



What is the meaning of the thread that is tying the participants together?


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  1. I think the strings are depicting the game of cat’s cradle. We played it as kids and it’s an ancient game with versions around the world.

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