Mixed Media bags.

I made these little bags a while ago, but I thought I might share them again.

I am Pam Holland

Over the past few years, I’ve frequented scrap booking shops looking for interesting Mixed Media supplies.
I’m not into art quilts, I guess this is where I could possibly use this stuff… so generally it sits there in the appropriate box until I get round to making a series of cards… !!!!

I just love scrapbook paper…. it’s as wonderful as fabric…. in fact a lot of it is printed in fabric as well.

I’ve been home a week and the urgency to get Christmas presents for my Stitch and Bitch girls becomes paramount…

What can I make? I try to make the presents each year, but that’s not always possible….

“Pam take stock of yourself you’re not a miracle worker, just buy something…!!!”

I saw some little hand created bags…. that was IT….
I’ll make those…

I cut out two shapes…. that look a little like bags or…

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