Why do you wash your fabrics.

I am Pam Holland

Why do you wash your fabrics?

These are the answers from some students

1. When I first began quilting I was told to always wash my fabric as soon as I purchased it.
2. I like to see it neat on the line.
3. It’s a habit.
4. It will shrink.
5. the color will come out and spoil the rest of the fabric in the quilt.

So lets think about this. How many fabrics do you have in your stash.?
I personally have over 6000. (and before I get challenged over that statement…..I have over 80 baskets with no less than 80 pieces of fabric in each basket…. so that’s how I know.) 🙂
Each fabric has been tested for color fastness and shrinkage.) three fabrics have not met the standard and don’t remain in the studio. I threw them out with a flourish….. In fact they were fabrics…

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