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Geraldine is Done.

Anticipating a busy day of Kings and Castles on the Bayeux, I worked late into the night last night and finished Geraldine.

She is appliquéd on a rather coarse linen and I found this medium a little difficult to work with, but it gives wonderful crisp results.

I decided to lay a couple of strips of fabric down on the quilt top and then it was quilted in the vertical strip quilting straight over the top… this tends to embed the fabric into the quilt top.

I auditioned a number of borders, however, I think the simplicity of a tall vertical, quite sparse quilt looks best.



That 1/2″ strip is wavy by design and I used a triple stitch in turquoise to enhance it. The strip down the side is three DMC 6 ply threads couched with a zig zag onto the quilt. Oh, and I added just a little turquoise under the purple spot fabric. It adds a surprise shadow.


I really enjoyed making this quilt. despite being a mixture of fabrics she has depth and she is now up on my ‘completed’ display shelf…


  1. Jennifer Worrell says

    Love, love, love it!!! Fantastic job, Pam, if Geraldine ever needs a new home she’d have pride of place in mine! 😊


  2. Katheryn Russi says

    Geraldine is quite marvelous. Her personality is distinct and apparent. I would love to have a conversation with her!


  3. lori platt says

    I am completely in love with this quilt! I am unable to put into words… simply sighing and smiling…oh it is lovely!!


  4. Pippa says

    This work is just stunning Pam. I am going to get onto your blog. Do you have exhibitions in Sydney?


  5. Lorrie Muse says

    Love her. Do you have any more details on her construction process posted anywhere else? Thanks, Lorrie


  6. June Nessler says

    Love,love your fabulous geraldine giraffe! When will you teach in the US


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