Amazing Indian quilts.

This is a blog I wrote some time ago, but its just one such blog about different genre’s in quilting.

I am Pam Holland

The Genres of quilt making are numerous.

Most of you who read this blog are quilters and are aware of the huge variety of artistic expression there is in quilting.

For many years I’ve noticed beautiful niave quilts for sale in exclusive shops… Victoria and Albert Museum shop for one. I’ve been looking for information on this form of quilting. I came across the books below… and I would love to purchase them when they are printed… there are 3 volumes.

The Timeless Quilts of India


Read more about the field work - research for these 3 books. by Patrick J. Finn.


But the quilts I’ve been looking for are Kantha quilts. Women in West Bengal save fabric from their favorite saris and stitch it together with colorful thread

It’s a reversible quilt of the finest cotton. I just loved the colors and I discovered that they are made from…

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