How does a quilt teacher design a teaching quilt. – and why?

This is the Alamogordo quilt from last year

I am Pam Holland


I’ve finished the quilt, well sort of. I need to add the binding and I have a bit of a bend on the left hand side, the quilting pushed it out, I’m not sure what I will do about it….Maybe add an appliqué, then again, what the heck I’m not perfect.

This is a class quilt and I thought you might like to see my thought process in designing it.

So what will the students learn?

First of all how to piece a background, and color and balance.

I used a very fine Indian cotton,it’sa beautiful fabric used to make Sari blouses, but the seams have shadowed…. I don’t really mind it andit’sa good teaching exercise. The other thing is that it doesn’t fray when I use it for raw edgeappliqué.

Students in this class will create their own fabric. The Kokopelli is completely drawn on white fabric.


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