The experience of Dining in Seoul Korea.

Of course you have to eat as you travel and enjoying the food of the country or town you are in is part of the journey. I’ve often thought that I should  journal the different experiences I have in food… but to be honest there’s not enough time on the trip to do that.

I’ve been traveling for 3 months solid. I’ve eaten everything from Aztec to American and a lot in between. However, I think the local food has got me beat.

We had such a contrast of dining yesterday from chic French to Market food with 1000’s of others.

The Wood Brick Cafe for lunch

The local market for Dinner.

This video doesn’t exist

I’m really not afraid of different food… somehow I’m not really excited about the food on offer in the Market. That said, I’ve had the most wonderful bread, coffee and pastries here.

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