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Autumn in our ‘place’

The weekend seemed to fly by.

I had some medical issues to attend to, our weekly Saturday breakfast with friends and family and about an hour ago I realised that I was still in my PJ’s such was my concentration on tasks at hand!!!

The weather was kind to this lady who dislikes the cold, by that I mean the sun shone for most of the weekend. Our family is large and diverse and there was a degree of manoeuvring by Keith and I to spread ourselves sufficiently.

We are in the grip of Autumn and quite soon winter will be here.

Daughter In-Law Sheena braved the cold and and ran a Marathon. She came first for women by completing the run in 3 hours 1 minute. Sadly she collapsed 50 metres from the finish line and was helped by two women, which then disqualified her from the race.  She’s recovered well, but it was  a bit of a shock.

leaves 3

The Adelaide Hills are beautiful right now, the vines are yellow and the gardens are green.hats


  1. Wendy in Kennewick says

    Wow… Sheena must have wings on her feet! So glad to hear that she has recovered well. I can imagine how disappointing that is to be so close and have that happen.


    • Wendy, She’s a champ. She’s got a great future in Marathons. I think she was disappointed but she told me she could have sat down for 5 mins to recover, her competitor was 15 minutes behind her !!!!


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