Autumn in our ‘place’

The weekend seemed to fly by.

I had some medical issues to attend to, our weekly Saturday breakfast with friends and family and about an hour ago I realised that I was still in my PJ’s such was my concentration on tasks at hand!!!

The weather was kind to this lady who dislikes the cold, by that I mean the sun shone for most of the weekend. Our family is large and diverse and there was a degree of manoeuvring by Keith and I to spread ourselves sufficiently.

We are in the grip of Autumn and quite soon winter will be here.

Daughter In-Law Sheena braved the cold and and ran a Marathon. She came first for women by completing the run in 3 hours 1 minute. Sadly she collapsed 50 metres from the finish line and was helped by two women, which then disqualified her from the race.  She’s recovered well, but it was  a bit of a shock.

leaves 3

The Adelaide Hills are beautiful right now, the vines are yellow and the gardens are green.hats

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  1. Such gorgeous photos! Love the beautiful red leaves!

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Wow… Sheena must have wings on her feet! So glad to hear that she has recovered well. I can imagine how disappointing that is to be so close and have that happen.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Wendy, She’s a champ. She’s got a great future in Marathons. I think she was disappointed but she told me she could have sat down for 5 mins to recover, her competitor was 15 minutes behind her !!!!

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