photographic Journal of Art – Montemartre France

Perched atop a hill to the north of Paris’s city center, Montmartre was initially a rural village dotted with vineyards and windmills. The area’s picturesque appearance and its views of the metropolis below had long been popular with artists, such as the landscape painter Georges Michel (1763–1843), who captured the area’s rustic beauty around 1820 in The Mill of Montmartre

Despite its eventual urbanization, the neighborhood retained its distinct characteristics, such as the old buildings, steep and narrow streets, and rustic windmills, some of which are still in existence today.

I’ve visited many times and I love wandering through the Place du Tertre, the artist-filled square atop Paris‘s Montmartre.   I can’t imagine attempting to draw with a thick Jacket on in coolish weather, or even having people watch me create. The artists are talented, but it speaks ‘tourist come buy me’

I took a lot of photos of the graffiti and structure art work on the walls. I don’t know what that genre of art is called.




IMG_5708 IMG_5707 IMG_5706


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