The Day diary of a Textile Art Tutor. – Capture and Create.

The morning is dark and still. Its 5.00 am,  the air is chilled, just above zero.

The magpies have celebrated the new moon for most of the night. I never get tired of hearing their song. It means home to me. It means warmth and caring and peace, the quiet kind, the peace that makes you smile for no reason.

It’s so nice being  home. I have another day of teaching today with a group of  ladies who honour me with their presence. I’m always humbled and I still have the feeling of amazement that someone actually waits in anticipation, prepares and packs their supplies to come to one of my classes.  When those ladies arrive laden with their machines and large overflowing bags of fabric, notions and the latest equipment I do a little mental dance.

Yesterday, they bought a virtual feast with them. Enough food for the traditional sweet morning tea, lunch and then afternoon tea attended by  two wonderful helpers.

It’s not a given folks.

It’s not a right of passage.

It’s a huge responsibility to share the ideas that I have and I take it seriously. The day doesn’t end for me when class does. I write notes, take account of suggestions and mentally walk through the process of  the day.

I do know that I walked 8 kilometres, spent time engaged in conversation with each person and enjoyed my day immensely. Today I do it all over again and we will have wonderful projects to share.

How lucky am I.

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