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Houston Happiness for yet another day.

The alarm fractured the darkness with its insistency. I woke with a bolt and fumbled for the phone. The  piercing noise. “Flash flood warning until 5.30 am” it displayed on the screen, lights flashing and noise pulsating. I turned it off and blinked to focus my eyes at the time. 2.35 am it stated. I laid back on the pillow, darkness and peace restored and I  was relieved to have been woken from the complicated dream I was having. My brain functions well upon waking, its’s a  rare gift and I was able to begin my waking hours with ‘Houston Happiness’ for yet another day.

There is indeed a storm raging outside, lightning and rain and as I look down to the ground below there is water over the service road outside the convention centre. However, one is insulated from the elements in a huge multi story hotel with air-conditioning and sound proof walls and windows.

So today I continue sharing some of the photos I took on the previous day.  I will say that you the viewer are getting a more than biased view of the exhibits because I photograph only the Quilts that I have an interest in. I celebrate the creator, and marvel at their ingenuity and skill as quilters.

Please honor the creators of these wonderful quilts by not using these images from my web page for purposes other than viewing.


Spring Comes Late – by Cindy Cooksey. Irvine,California, USA



One of my favorite Quilts so far. Old Red Door – by Susan Brubaker Knapp, Mooresville, North Carolina. USA

5Z8A3981 - Version 2


Affinity for Improv and Love of the Line – by Leslie Tucker Jenison. San Antonio, Texas.


Portlandia on my Mind, by Andrea Brokenshire, Round Rock, Texas, USA


Golden Girl – by Hollis Chatelain, Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA


Girls are strong – by Hollis Chatelain. Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA



My Wabi Sabi – by Julie Haddrick, Adelaide, South Australia. Australia.


Black Gold – by Gail Thomas, Vernon, BC, Canada.


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  2. Annette Johnston says

    Pam, thank you so much for posting these incredible images. So many of us are unable to make the long journey to Festuval so we see the quilts through your eyes. Man, I’m sure glad I’m not one of the judges! This time in history will ccertainly be touted as one with incredibly talented quiltmakers. Certainly better than those who came before us.


  3. Deborah Boschert says

    I’m so thrilled you enjoyed my Green Bowl quilt. Wasn’t Affinity a beautiful exhibit? What an honor to be included.


  4. I’m with Deborah, Susan and the others–thank you for including my Descended From the Stars quilt. It means a lot to me that you felt it worthy of including! Thanks!


  5. Since I was unable to attend the show, it is so wonderful to be able to see some of it from those who share photos. I am so happy that you enjoyed my quilt, Seeking Red…thank you so much!


  6. How… Do they do those quilts?!?! The portraits?! The red door?!?! I’d love to know how. Is it painted on?

    Thanks for this. As someone else already said, it’s a great gift to be able to see some of these for us who can’t go and be at the Festival.
    Very grateful!
    And curious!


  7. Penny J Hamilton says

    Your photos are a true inspiration. I love to see the ingenuity and creativity of people around the world. I find it absolutely amazing
    Thank you for sharing your eye with others. Penny


  8. Emma Kennedy says

    I am amazed by what I see. I live in Ireland and have been looking for a quilt pattern with otters in water. Is the quilt pictured above available to buy or is the pattern for it available to buy. I love it and would very much like to try to make. You are an amazingly talented women.


  9. Veena Sennik says

    Thank you for sharing the pictures, they are beautiful.
    Pam we awe still hoping to see you here in Kenya.
    Veena Sennik


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