Art, adventures and the lost computer.

So as I fly in with a smile on my face, and a heart nearly breaking with pride I can’t wait for it all to begin. It’s a crazy week for all of us, Radio, TV. Visits and a laugh a minute. Then again there are five new classes from dear friend Sue Rassmusen and I to share with you all, and you my dear friends make it work.

A Mixture of Measures.

Today has been a mixture of measures. Juggling the norm to create something new. As well as family pleasures I bought 3 new pairs of glasses, a blue pair, a black and white pair and a black and orange pair ! (those of you who know me, know my passion for unusual glasses)  Family pleasures…

Threadpainting – or should we call it using the sewing machine in an interesting way?

Of course the day didn’t go as planned… I think is been like that for the past week. I have scribbles in the diary that need to change in a flash with the needs of the family and in between times I’ve been planning events for the rest of the year and working on projects.

Today was to be purely work in the studio….. hiccup. that didn’t happen. An outing with a daughter that needed a break was the go and we both enjoyed it. So the work happened in the early hours of the morning before her visit and late afternoon.

Houston Happiness for yet another day.

So today I continue sharing some of the photos I took on the previous day. I will say that you the viewer are getting a more than biased view of the exhibits because I photograph only the Quilts that I have an interest in. I celebrate the creator, and marvel at their ingenuity and skill as quilters.

Chalk and Cheesecloth sample and the Bernina Q20 machine.

A week ago today, Mr Otto, our local Bernina dealer installed a Q20 machine for me to work the Bayeux on. I was temped to stop everything else and do a project on it, but I had a project scheduled for yesterday and so it had to wait till then. The machine sat there beckoning me to use it… actually, I did have a little play but not real stuff.

Tacos, translators and Texture.

We have another man in class who is incredibly funny and the day rolled past with bursts of hilarity and small episodes of quiet concentration. I wonder if other Tutors have taken a class with a translator at their side and two cameramen following their every move.

Cat, Cat, Quilt.

I've worked in the studio all day, but a  chest infection has held me back from going full pelt. cough, cough. Its the gifts our Grandies give us… !!! I concentrated on the cat quilt today and I got quite a bit completed. I'm blessed with having 3 Janomes' set up on the big table….

Cats eyes.

I worked on the blocks around the House Quilt today and then began to quilt the the cat quilt. I need to work on the threadpainting during the day, the light is better, but the first thing I wanted to do was to  change the color  the eyes to blue green. Which I did by…