Taking photos of animals to create textile art.

Part 1

I promised I would add images of how I take photos of an animal to use in a textile art. However, time has run away with me. Early mornings… late nights and just pure concentration on the job at hand really.

However, I’m on the road for the next week and I generally have good internet at hotels so it will be a little easier to get it done I hope.

This is my holiday, a week of no expectation, no procrastination and just illumination of the mind.


My passion is thread painting. (using the sewing machine to create an image with thread) and not having a cat I practice taking photos on my friends cat. She is patient and sits with a fixed stare as if to say. ‘Just take it’

This photo was taken with a portrait lens on a canon a6000 camera. You can see that the main part of her face in focus and the rest of the body fades into the back ground causing a dimensional effect. The front part of her face would be stitched intensely and the background could be stitched with free motion Zig Zag.


I like the angle of this image, her feet tucked under her, one eye is featured. Once again, the image isn’t flat, its dimensional.


I love the light in her eye in this image but I don’t have her ears in the picture. It seems incomplete.

DSC01168Just a few different angles. The camera is at face level with the cat and I have captured her direct gaze. Its not perfect but interesting.


From this set of photos I created an oil painting  in Paintmee. I could also thread paint this image, or create it in snippets of fabric. Look at the turquoise in the painting… I love it.

IMG_0577 2

When a look at an image, I break it down to see how interesting it would be. The eyes are great, I love her sideways glance, the light on the fur behind her is interesting and almost frames her. However, I decided not to do a thread painting with this image but to put it into an application on my Ipad and create this fabulous piece. The app is called DS. (Dreamscope) It’s free, but if you use it be careful to only create the images for your self or else it is shared on the web. Look for the small lock on the right of the screen. If you leave the small white world there it is open for anyone else to use your image.



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  1. Carol Esch says:

    Can you print fabric made with dreamscape? Like spoonflower.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Carol, you need to increase the pixel size, DS doesn’t print out too big. But yes it works

  2. rothpoetry says:

    I loved your vibrant cat photos.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Thank you.

  3. fukustory says:

    uhm? I think I saw some safety pin in the photo…

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Yes, you did.

  4. Sheri Andresen says:

    You have given me a bit to think about. Thank you Pam!

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