Suck it up girl you can do it.


I try to source cotton, sustainable garments.
I try only to purchase garments that I really love and will fit into the genre of clothing I wear, cotton, and silk and linen mainly.
I love garments that reflect artisanship, tradition and culture and when I travel I buy to fit the ideal. That’s my fluffy bit of the blog.

So today, wearing cotton, linen and silk I bless their natural properties when crowded into a shuttle bus for 20 minutes and driving across a busy Tarmac in Dubai. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and with 100’s of arms raised high in the air, the hands clinging to the bright yellow plastic rings for support and the lack of air conditioning I said to myself…. Welcome to the world of polyester.

Yes indeed, one needs to be prepared for all situations in travel, and I’ve only been traveling for the past 6 hours and already the variances in situations are many and varied.

Driver Oh Driver.

The Indian music was turned up for my benefit as I got into the taxi. “Good morning, Terminal 3 Emirates” I directed him.
The airport is 10 mins away from my hotel and I was a little surprised at the cost of the ride. Taxis are generally inexpensive in Dubai.

As I alighted I asked the fare and   reeled a little at his answer, – then considering I had been ripped off, I paid the fare without complaint and it’s  common to tip just a little but I decided he had added more than his share so gave him the fare as he requested.

I got a trolley and the driver lifted the bags out of the trunk and unceremoniously dumped them onto the pavement. I thanked him politely. ‘Boxes’ he said. ‘What do you mean boxes’?. Ten dirham for boxes. Then I realized he wanted $3.50 to take my luggage out of the trunk. I smiled, shook my head and I know I have more money than this poor guy from India will ever have. So I handed the 10 dirham over but I gave him a look to tell him… OK mate I know what you’re doing.

I know my husband would be horrified, but  you know have you seen where these poor guys live?

The next thing is to seal and secure your luggage… I always have them wrapped when going to India, Nepal and Thailand… First it hides your expensive bags and it makes it impossible to open to nimble fingers.

Breakfast in the first class lounge was wonderful, relaxing and delicious and I don’t take my airline status for granted… Gees I’ve paid them enough over the years… I figure 2 poached eggs served on a table with a white cloth and a red rose is a good return for the amount I’ve spent.

Then, half an hour later, I’m on that darn bus, Windows covered just in case we get to see the workings of the airport. I know it well, I’ve watched the documentaries on how they built it, I know about the problems they have with the Tarmac, and many of the security situations. So let us have a little light and air con please !

My entire world trip is booked business. OK, I’m old, OK, I’ve paid my dues. OK, I need my space. BUT this leg had to be economy and trust me, they have sure taken liberty with the seats.

I figured suck it up girl, you can do it.

I shared every moment of eating with the young man next to me who raised his body in his seat to pass wind and had no consideration for personal space. I spent 3 hours bent into the window to avoid the situation.

That said I survived the flight and arrived in Delhi 3 hours later.

It’s such a shock driving from the airport to the hotel. We’re in India folks… yes, you can pee on the pavement. It must be a pee epidemic, I saw lots of me relieving themselves on the route. Just a bit of a surprise after Dubai.

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  1. Lou Ann Schlichter says:

    So glad I miss this trip!

  2. flossypatchedbritches says:

    OH Pam! You write it in a way that has me stifling giggles! Most were stifled because I can imagine how unpleasant it has been & I do have some compassion. Next year it will be a ‘giggles only’ adventure & memory I’m thinking. Enjoy India, weeing & flatulence et al .

  3. Linda Bennett says:

    Please, help. I can’t find the additional information about the great cottons you buy. I, also, can’t find information on transferring images to fabric.
    Thank you for your time,

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