You must plant creative seeds to harvest later

I have a passion for drawing the things I see and experience.

I collect creative seeds. I need to, I need to prepare as I travel and work when I’m home.

To get the image down onto paper rather than leave it as a photograph is very exciting. It becomes a  physical image that can be touched and the act of drawing it reinforces the emotion of the image.


This camel, minus the duck was one I photographed in Pushkar India.

The picture isn’t finished… but it’s been 10 hours in the process so far. I’m not too sure what I will use it for, but it’s the challenge of completing it that I love.

I have an enjoyment of travel and learning new things, accepting differences and capturing all that I see.

A huipil in Antigua which becomes an inspiration

I’m a textile Artist.

Cheesecloth portraits, a lady I met on a previous trip to Guatemala and finished a few months ago

I’m a  photographer.


I love writing and  blending the all of these genres.

I know I’m lucky to be able to do this, but I work very hard at it and I thought that I might explain just what I’m doing with the image below. It’s being prepared for a lecture I’m giving soon.

I love the art of a Chilean artist that I first saw here in Antigua. There is a painting in the gallery here, that I would dearly love to buy.

The art of Gina Inveteen.

I love the whimsy. The colors and of course the stripes, stripes are my love too. I draw them on all of my whimsy sketches.

I wanted to do a drawing of all the things I’ve seen, touched, love and have experienced here in Antigua. Most of my quilt images originate from my photos… but then some from my imagination.

So what better to do than to attempt to combine all of those things.

This is drawn on the iPad using colored pencils. The pleasure of drawing in the iPad is that I can just press a button and rub out the parts I don’t like.

I will make a quilt of this image eventually. But right now I’m working through the process. I don’t know exactly how it will look in the end.

At this stage I have included the style of the artist I love. Fabric, stripes, huipil images, the volcano surrounding the village.

I will add further straight line huipil patterns, The patchwork green of the coffee fields, a bunch of lilies and architectural features. So as I walk around today I will be looking for specific images and color combinations.

In saying that. It makes walking around a city such as this, very exciting today.



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  1. slbuckin says:

    Pam, which app do you use on your iPad?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      For this illustration I used adobe sketch.

  2. So true, the more you make the more you have to play with.

  3. Ann Shibut says:

    I have an iPad, but I am not sure how to draw on it “using colored pencils.” Is there a particular app you use to do that?

    1. Pam Holland says:

      Ann I have an iPad pro. I’m not too sure you can draw on an ordinary iPad. (yes you can) The app Used for this program is called adobe sketch, it costs $9 (well is used to)

  4. glendajean says:

    Oh my goodness Pam my heart was pounding my the time I reached the bottom of the page!!!!!!! I fell instantly in love with your lady there is some thing mystical about her? I also looked up Gina Inveteen WOW! thank you for giving me so much travel pleasure from my arm chair. CHeers Glenda PS LOVE the wee bird and camel LOL

  5. Jan Williams says:

    Your sketches are so lovely, your piectures are so vibrant. I can’5 believe you draw such delicate work on the IPad. My attempts always look clumsy. Keep sharing Pam. Xx

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