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Houston – Day 2.

These images are created by Pam Holland and the quilts made by the artists are copyright, please respect the art of the maker and just pretend you are visiting the show.

I’m afraid I’m unable to add more images right now due to time restrictions over the past two days. But these are just a few of the Quilts I have huge admiration for.

Oh my, just adore this piece by Melissa Sabodka – Richmond Texas.

There is something about jut being able to stand in front of a piece of art and just admire. I stand for ages, but taking a photo adds a different dimension, I can study it at my leisure and indeed I go back over and over each image with great delight.

Art Pictorial Category.




Reflections of Capetown by Cynthia England.




Lepidopteram #4 – Caryl Bryer Fallet-Gentry.



Lazy, Summer afternoon – Hiroko Miyama, Chofu City Tokyo



Toadally  Awesome by Paula Kingerman, Cheshire, Connecticut.


Country Roads by Joanne, Baeth, Bonanaza, Oregon.



  1. Pam, you help take the sting out of not being able to be there in person! Thanks so much for all your wonderful blog entries and photos.


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