Melbourne, the city of street photography.

I travel a lot and I take photos wherever I go. The 65000 photos on my desk top are testament to that and I am checking each one as I put the files into a larger data base.

As I do that I come across trips that were significant both emotionally and photography wise.

This trip was to attend a quilting event, but I am sharing the way I look at things through the lens – always with an eye to create textile art.

I love to capture the light, the textures of a place, the spontaneous images of street photography and the urban wildlife if I can. It certainly makes for an all round expose of the place I visited. The images remain for ever.

The exhibition building in Melbourne.


The sky was stunning that day.



Look the other direction and art appears.



In the street.












Capture the essence.






There is always the old




And then there is the new and the textures are just as exciting.

It’s really exciting to explore the city visually. Loo up, look up.


Look at, Look at,


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  1. Julie Emond says:

    I am from anada and in 2005 traveled south and east Australia, when in Melbourne I took pics of those little brass men on the street, just like you did, well before it was called ,street photography, .
    I just love your positive look on the world, keep on doing what you<re doing.

  2. Julie Emond says:

    I mean

  3. Carol dunlop says:

    Love your photos

  4. Leah Estrin says:

    I love your pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Jan Williams says:

    I luv capturing the textures and am always on the look out for the unusual. Your pictures ar just amazing, glad you don’t belong to my camera club, you’d win all the prizes!

  6. Glenys says:

    As always fabulous photos … Makes me want to visit !

  7. Sandra Hamilton says:

    Thank you Pam. I grew up in Melbourne and wrote all my high school exams in the Exhibition Building. I now live in Alberta, Canada and miss Melbourne. I don’t get to visit ofter so I really enjoyed your pictures.
    I took a class from you in Houston in 2010.

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